Old MacGyver Had a Farm: A Forum for Tips, Hacks, and Reviews of Small Farm Machinery

Thursday, February 15—5-6:30 p.m.
OEFFA's 39th Annual Conference
Dayton Convention Center, Dayton, Ohio
Let's talk gear! There are tons of equipment choices that give us many potential options for mechanizing some of farm life’s persistent frustrations.
As farmers, we all have opinions about the proper equipment or equipment modifications to accomplish a task. Let’s share some of our favorite equipment, our unique uses for existing equipment, and our problems for which we haven’t yet found the ideal solution.
Join Ben Jackle of Mile Creek Farm for an informal peer-to-peer conversation during OEFFA's 39th annual conference about equipment that works (or doesn’t work) and innovative ways to make what you have, or can realistically afford, work better.
Bring your insights and questions. Let's help each other farm smarter, not harder!
Registration: This event is free of charge, but registration is requred. Conference or pre-conference registration is not required to attend this gathering. To reserve your spot, please fill out a survey and tell us a little bit about yourself. The information you provide will be shared with other attendees. The pre-registration deadline is Thursday, February 2.

Want to attend but don't have something to share? Not a problem at all. Just fill out the first page of the form and respond to the question "Do you have an innovation to share?" with "No, but I am excited to see what others are doing!"

For more information, please contact Milo Petruziello at (614) 421-2022 Ext. 206 or milo@oeffa.org

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