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Do you want to know whether the food you eat and feed  your family is produced with Genetically Engineered ingredients?  

There are growing concerns about the health implications of these new food organisms created in a laboratory and produced with increased pesticide use each day.  May argue that these foods are safe.  The truth is that most of the research being referenced has been produced by the very companies selling GE foods. We do need more independent research.  But in the meantime,we are the guinea pigs when we do not have the basic choice of knowing when and where GE ingredients are in our food.  

Right now, GE foods can be labeled as "natural". This technology inserts foreign genes (genes from other plants or animals) into the genetic code of an existing plant or animal. This would not occur in nature and is most definitely not a natural process. The fact that food constructed in a laboratory can be called natural is a testament to two things: a desire by companies to tap into the growing consumer demand for natural and organic food and the influence of large, well-funded food and beverage companies.

If you want to know which foods contain GE ingredients, please take a minute to sign our petition to the Ohio Legislature in support of GE labeling.

2 total signers.


And when you hear that GE foods are safe remember:  If its safe for our table, put it on the label!

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