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Tell Your Ohio Representative and Governor Kasich that Farmers and Consumers Want Strong Protections on the Fracking Industry!

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Current Ohio law does not provide adequate protections against an advanced form of oil and gas drilling, known as fracking. Act now to join fellow farmers and food advocates in demanding stronger regulations on the fracking industry. 

High-volume horizontal hydro-fracturing, is a controversial drilling practice that could pollute Ohio's water, air, and land; negatively impact public health, and jeopardize farmland and livestock health.

Ohio law lacks key provisions to keep Ohio farmland (and local food) safe from industry accidents. Current law limits public participation in the permitting process, provides little opportunity for local governmental input, and allows the oil and gas industry to deny local governments and first responders information about what chemicals are used on site.

Ohio law was originally touted as some of the toughest regulations on the fracking industry in the country, but contituents know this isn't true. It fails to adequately protect public health, the environment, and the ability of communities to make local decisions about fracking.

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Learn more about this issue:

Visit OEFFA's Fracking and Farmland webpage.

Factsheet on Fracking and Farmland by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association

Presentation on Enviromental Concerns and Fracking by the Ohio Environmental Council

To learn more ways to get involved, contact OEFFA's Policy Program Coordinator, Amalie Lipstreu, at amalie@oeffa.org or (614) 421-2022 Ext. 208.

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