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There's Still Time to Make Some Lemonade
Many of us were disappointed when the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure law passed last summer. The new genetically engineered (GE) labeling law is very weak, gives food manufacturers wide latitude in what and how they can label products, and exempts all meat and dairy products raised on GE feed. But perhaps we need to take a different approach.
In a New York Times article last fall Mark Bittman said the law looked more like a "victory wrapped in a defeat," and he is right. We are moving toward greater transparency, even if we have to drag the food industry kicking and screaming.
You have an opportunity to give the U.S. Department of Agriculture input on what the rules for the new GE labeling law should look like. If you have not commented, there is still time.  The deadline has been extended until August 25th! 
 Here are the ingredients to make some non-GE lemonade:
  1. Go to the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service website where you will find a list of 30 questions.
  2. Read OEFFA's comments here.
  3. Answer those questions most important to you.
  4. If you prefer an "ingredient list" here are some talking points you can use:

Send your thoughts to GMOLabeling@ams.usda.gov by August 25th!


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