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Thank You Senator Brown for Opposing the DARK Act!

Last week—in a huge victory for sustainable agriculture advocates—the Senate narrowly held off the latest version of the Deny Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act!

Thank you OEFFA members and supporters! Your calls show that people taking action really can make a difference in the political process.

This anything-but-labeling bill, introduced by Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS), would promote a voluntary system of websites, call centers, and QR codes, while preventing states and the federal government from requiring mandatory labels on genetically engineered (GE) food.

Monsanto, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, and others have been working hard to push the bill in order to prevent mandatory labeling laws in Maine, Connecticut, and Vermont from taking effect—and the Senate vote is not going to stop them.

The public overwhelmingly supports GE labeling and we need to keep sending that message as these special interests work to push the anything-but-labeling bill forward in the next few weeks!

Take a minute to call Senator Brown’s office at (202) 224-2315 and thank him for blocking the fast tracked Roberts bill and ask him to hold firm and support mandatory GE food labeling.
Unfortunately, Senator Portman voted for closing off debate and forcing a vote on this bad bill and Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), a strong proponent of the DARK Act, made a procedural move that allows him to reopen debate on the bill at any time.

That’s why we need you to keep the pressure on!

Please write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper today and ask for:
•    NO voluntary, web-based, call center, or QR code options
•    Clear, mandatory on-product labeling for GE food

Here is a sample letter to the editor you can reference to craft a message in your own words or get general tips from OEFFA’s letter to the editor writing guide. Learn more about GE labeling on our website.

Let us know when you submit a letter by sending us a copy. Thank you for working to advance our right to know what we eat and feed our families by giving us the same information available in 64 other countries!

Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association

41 Croswell Rd., Columbus OH 43214

(614) 421-2022   www.oeffa.org



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